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Donorworks provides the organ transplant and procurement world with excellence in training and consulting services custom-designed with one goal in mind: to save more lives through organ and tissue donation.

One of the most challenging aspects of organ procurement is approaching families with sensitivity and compassion so that they may find their way to save lives through organ donation. Using two proven approaches —— the Every Step Every Time Protocol™ and the Certified Family Support Coordinator Training™ —— organ procurement organizations can increase authorization rates almost immediately, improve donor family and hospital satisfaction, and give their hospital partners tangible tools to improve collaboration in the family approach process.

Among the unique features of all of our training programs are protocols that are evidence-based, and training that includes Standardized Family Encounters™, which are similar to standardized patient encounters, commonly used in professional medical education to teach interactive skills and test performance.

With over 20 years experience in the organ procurement field, I can help your organization determine opportunities for growth and develop customized programs and tools for immediate improvement. I am also able to provide customized training experiences in other important areas of concern (and CMS requirements) such as cultural sensitivity, Hospital Development (including the implementation of Social Media) and staff self-care.

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Workshops, Speaking Engagements, and Consulting for Chaplains and other Caregivers.
First on the Scene: Crisis Intervention in Spiritual Care

From the Review:


"Very few books possess practical information, useful theory, compassionate presence, and an exciting and engaging writing style. The Reverend Dr. Donald B. Stouder has written such a book. For nearly 40 years, first as an EMT/Paramedic and then as a Health Care Chaplain, Don has been “first on the scene”. For him, it is a complicated term that means many things. Sometimes it has a literal meaning; those times when he has pulled up on a scene of a motor vehicle accident or arrived inside someone’s home first on a medical aid call as a first responder; in other settings, it might mean being the first person at the bedside during a Code Blue or trauma admission that is able to provide emotional and spiritual support to the patient and family. Don also uses the term to describe a certain perspective toward leadership, especially in dynamic environments and organizations. It is a strange niche to spend one’s career he says, but an incredibly rewarding one given the comfort that can be provided so quickly and effectively. Using his wealth of experience, Don has written a book to address what has been absent for many chaplains especially those new to the field; useful training materials, written specifically for health care chaplains, that address this unique moment in crisis intervention."

The Winery

Monte De Oro Winery and Vineyards

In 2015, my husband Tim and I joined OGB Partners, LLC, the company that owns Monte De Oro Winery and Vineyards in Temecula, California. We joined a group of some 100 owners from all over the United States, South Africa and the United Kingdom who believe in making great wine. Being a winery owner is a dream come true, an amazing educational experience, and an opportunity to share our love of wine and winemaking with our friends and family. Come visit the winery; we are making some amazing wines. Tell then Don and Tim sent you!

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