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a bit about me:

I began my career in health care when I rolled on my first call as a First Responder EMT with my father at the age of 16. Now, after almost 50 years working in health care, the past 30 as a chaplain, ethicist, and crisis counselor, I have the pleasure of integrating experience and gained wisdom as I pursue my creative side.

My professional roles included spiritual care, teaching, writing, consulting, public speaking, and grief counseling. I recently retired as the Bereavement and Volunteer Manager at Reliance Hospice in Palm Desert, California.  I am also the founder and Executive Director of The Humanist Chaplaincy, where I currently do workshops on expressive art and grief.


I am the author of five books. You can buy my latest book here.

I am a member of the Artist's Council of Palm Desert, and I am a research scholar at The Ronin Institute for Independent Scholarship.

My side gigs/hobbies include fine art photography, aviation and drones (I am a licensed pilot), and Ham Radio (N1GAY). I publish my poetry and prose on Medium and I am an owner-partner at Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula, California. My photographic library can be viewed at Unsplash and my photography and digital art can be purchased by visiting Fine Art America.

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